How do you defend against hackers, scammers, and artificial intelligence misuse?

We will expose them and give you the knowledge and resources to become a cyber security Super Hero!

cyber security super hero

What are they?


Someone who tries to gain illegal access to your computer or accounts. They target a server, device or computer system.


Someone who targets you directly, tricking you into giving them something.

Artificial Intelligence

Software designed to mimic or replicate human behavior.

How do they trick you?


They find weaknesses on a server or computer system. Sometimes they trick you into clicking a link that installs malware.


Trick you into doing something (clicking a link, calling a number). They use emotion and pressure tactics.

Artificial Intelligence

Create realistic fakes (photos, videos, news articles, audio clips).

Why do they do it?

Bad actors who use these tactics are typically after your money. In some cases, they want to sway your vote or push an agenda. Sometimes it’s a thrill to them to cause havoc, but most of the time, they are motivated by money.

We love to be connected to our friends and family, and we love the conveniences online shopping and browsing offer us. Here are some tips and resources to consider to stay safe while you browse the web or social media.

What can I do?

  • Minimize what information you put online
  • Make sure your login passwords are secured and each one is different
  • Don’t overshare personal information on social media
  • Be mindful when you are browsing websites
  • Make sure your devices’ software is up to date
  • For Smart TVs, turn off its tracking features, especially ACR or Automatic Content Recognition
  • Opt out of people search sites like Social Catfish, Rocket Reach, and more

Where can I get help?

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling offers free help with financial recovery.

IdentityTheft.gov provides guidance and resources for identity theft victims.

AARP Fraud Watch offers information and assistance specifically for older adults.

Protecting older adults from fraud and financial exploitation.

The KnowBe4 YoutTube channel has videos on scams and what to watch for.

Check to see if your email has been in a data breach.

Keep an eye on your credit and finances.

Verify if a scam or hoax is true.

The FBI central hub for reporting cybercrime.

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